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What does it mean to be still?

What are some things in your life that you can’t see unless you are still? There is a part of God you won’t know until you learn to be still… God is hidden by the noise in your life but revealed in the silence

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God This Psalmist song of worship focuses upon who God is to a people who trust him….it is both a rebuke to the warring nations and a call to trust for God’s people so they are reassured of his presence, power and protection

What does it mean to be still?

In the Hebrew, to be still means to release, to let go, relax, to put down. This wasn’t about meditation but a deep trust that rejects fear and anxiety. It’s withdrawing from a God to the God. Stillness is silent reverence for God. It is silent reverence because your soul is acknowledging his presence, his power and protection.

Quote: “Stillness is produced through excess not from a deficit,” think about Paul and Silas singing hymns in the Philippian jail at midnight, that is produced through excess not a deficit. Being still is the currency of the rich in faith, for stillness of the mind and soul comes from a storehouse of plenty. It is simply a response in faith.

I believe in 2021, we don’t have a silence problem we have a noise problem.

Like a house that loses power during a storm, we don’t realize how much noise is all around us until the power goes out. The reason most of us are unable to recognize God’s spirit at work within us is that it is full of IT----We are full of us, full of the world, full of anxiety, full of worry, full of hurt, full of the news… Yet I would argue our primary noise is produced from within.

Our noise can be our self-sufficiency-Phil 2:12-13 work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, 13 for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure. In the process of sanctification we participate in our faith journey with fear and trembling in full submission of the spirit of Christ that is at work within us. It’s similar to a illustration from a classic Christian book I was reading, “During the night the stars(Our self-sufficiency) shine brightly but as the sun(God) begins to come up, the stars gradually vanish...but the stars don’t go anywhere, they haven’t stopped shining...but the sun is so much brighter that you cannot see them ---the same is true in spiritual matters.

I believe God will do his greatest works in your life when you are still before him.We must cultivate the habit of stillness to draw near to the presence of God, because as long as I welcome the noise I am veiling God.

Why are we called to be still? ---To Know that God is God and that he will be exalted above all things.

God is hidden by the noise in your life but revealed in the silence. We are to recognize who God is and what God is doing. To be still is to acknowledge God as God alone. If we can’t be still then we will think we are God. When we are still we can be assured that Jesus is on the throne as the sovereign, supreme ruler of all. Jesus is our refuge and our salvation. Cultivate the habit of stillness to draw near to the presence of God and experience his power, presence and protection…

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